Under, The World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant In Norway


Opened since March 2019, Under Restaurant located under five meters below sea level. It is the first underwater restaurant in Europe and the largest in the world in Lindesnes, Northern Europe. “Under” in Norway carries a double meaning, meaning both under and wonder. To reach Baly, where Under is located, it takes 5 hours from Oslo, Norway.

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Get Closer To Canada


 HeyDeeRahma.com – Get Closer To Canada | This country has been on my travel list since my sister who lived in Japan now said that Canada has similarity with Indonesia in diversity. Canada offers multicultural culture, with life and work balance, and opportunity to get one of the best education systems in the world. Then after that, my imagination go thru so far about travelling or living in Canada. And searching more facts about Canada. Until someday Embassy of Canada for Indonesia invited me to an afternoon casual event in Jakarta to get knowing about Canada 150 more as social media influencers.

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